Tommy Deuschle

Non Executive Director

Tommy Deuschle holds a Bachelor of Sciences Degree in Business Administration from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the United States of America.

Tommy helps start and build companies in Zimbabwe and in the United States. He started his first company during his senior year of college, and jumped on the train of growing ideas. Tommy has founded and built companies like CMedia (a video production house), Cotrade Industrial Solutions (an industrial service company for mines), and EarthStruct (a real-estate fund), to name a few. In 2013 he became the Creative Director of Celebrate International and leads what is called “Creative Wednesdays” as part of building strong, fun and instigative internal cultures

As the recent co-founder of Emerging Ideas, Tommy recently started an incubation company that helps young budding entrepreneurs make community impacts with their start-ups.

Tommy hosts local Pitch Nights every month where entrepreneurs present their companies to a Springboard audience which helps propel ideas into strategic relationships, funding and deal opportunities, as well as increased exposure.

In his spare time, home grown coffee, Crocodile Hunting & Video Production takes over. A Speaker, Songwriter, and Singer on the side, Tommy has written songs like Mbichana Mvura to poke at the humorous side of Zimbabwean life. He is married to a gorgeous girl from Ohio, and they have two stunning kids who keep them on their toes.

Tommy won no awards at university and is proud of that.